Fall Festival – Sydney Sward

ACGC High School is hosting  fall festivities for Halloween. These festivities include a costume contest, a pumpkin carving contest and a Skeleton Relays. There are a few kids I would choose to win the Costume Contest. One student is literally covered in balloons and another is in a crayon costume.  Costumes range from Godzilla to Greasers, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to the costumes I have seen yet today.

Today is the End of the First Mid Semester – Hannah Dilley

 The first mid-semester  of school has come to an end today.  All work needs to be handed in today. Teachers are to turn in their grades by Tuesday!  Conferences for Parents, Students and Teachers will be held on Monday.  The Prom committee is inviting everyone to enjoy walking tacos which is part of their fund raising campaign to raise money for this year’s prom.

And the Journey Begins

Photos by Madison Whitcomb

So far we traveled through Wisconsin, Illinois, and we are currently in Indiana.  We have stopped at a Chinese restaurant called Jade Garden, it was a great experience to actually eat real Chinese food. We also stopped stretch our legs at  South Holland, Illinois and got Star Bucks! More updates to come soon!
-Skyller Schmidt

These 7 young FFAers are on their way to the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.  They are  (l to r) Dillion Gratz, Tyler Johnson, Morgan Erickson, Kayla Kutzker, Skyller Schmidt, Madison Whitcomb, and Morgan Paulson.  They will be sending updates of their journey for the school blog to post.  Here are a couple of other photos that they have shared.

5th and 6th Grades Special Guest! – Mackenzie Andrews

Minnesota Commissioner of the Department of Education Brenda Casselius, paid the Fifth and Sixth graders a special visit yesterday.  She observed and interacted with some of the students during their classes on Thursday, October 23, 2014.  She asked them questions as well as did the activities with them. Commissioner Casselius had the privilege of listening to the fifth and sixth graders sing the ‘Falcon Song’ written by choir director, Reneé Capistrant. As Casselius walked through the classrooms, she greeted every teacher, complimented them on their work, and said how proud she was to have such wonderful teachers working with the ACGC students.

A huge thank you for visiting our successful Middle Schoolers, Mrs. Casseluis!

No Bullying at ACGC – Sydney Sward

Here at ACGC most people are very nice and understanding. There is no bullying that I have seen so far and I hope not to. Normally in the other schools that I have attended, people would begin bullying others within the first week of school. Here at ACGC bullying is not tolerated, as it shouldn’t be, because it Is wrong. I feel that since bullying is not  tolerated at ACGC,  I am certain I probably won’t see  bullying here. This makes me glad to know people actually care about others safety and feelings that much.

Japanese Notan Art – Samantha Tait

Art Through the Ages is working on Japanese Notan art pieces. Designs are cut out of paper and are flipped to make complicated images. It is typically complex and abstract. There are many wonderful exceptions to this though. This is sure to be a beautiful project!

Students of the Month

September Students of the Month

6th – Levi Lilleberg & Luke Trebil  5th – Jillian Lilleberg & Anders Grimsgard  

8th – Teri Evenson & Noah Singsank  7th Grade – Skyler Meyer & Mykal Barker  

9th – Grant Youngkrantz & Kiara Rosenquist  10th – Micayla Hobson & Gabe Eisenbacher

11th – Cullen Hoffman & Kylie Rosenquist  12th – Abbie Halvorson & Katilyn Moore



Look at What a Former Student is Doing

Samantha Ehrenberg - 300Samantha Ehrenberg has enjoyed her hands-on learning experiences at the University of Minnesota.  One of these experiences was  with Engineers Without Borders.  As a junior, she became president Engineers Without Borders . During her summers, Samantha hasdone sustainable energy research abroad at the University of Botswana and worked as an intern at San Diego–based Solar Turbines.

Read the CSE Communications article about Samantha at http://cse.umn.edu/admin/comm/features/2014_3_28_ehrenberg-samantha.php