Pirates Wanted!

This is just a reminder that “Peter Pan and Wendy” try-outs are next week.   August 4th, 5th, and 6th are the dates for the Peter Pan try outs,this year’s exciting show. There are numerous parts of all sizes. We need a number of guys that want to have fun being Pirates!  This will be a very challenging show with lots of stage magic and sword fighting.  We will have try outs from 10 AM till noon on August 4th and from 1:00 PM till 300 PM on August 5th and 6th. If you can not make it to one of these try outs please email halvorsonc@acgcfalcons.org.  Please enter the school through the west doors, because the hallways around the theater will be off limints due to waxing.  Try-outs will be held in the commons.

ACGC Cheerleaders Earn a Bid to Attend the Closed Nationals of NCA

This past weekend the Cheerleaders went  and participated in the  National Cheerleaders Association evaluation and competition they were evaluated as a team as well as individually. The ACGC cheerleaders competed and came home with 3 All-American nominees, 1 all-American cheerleader, 2 leadership awards that went to our captains, received  the Herke team award ,2  Superior Ratings and earned a NATIONAL BID !
The ACGC squad was assessed for All-American from the moment they arrived on Thursday.  After 3 short hours the team Captain Alayna Baggenstoss was nominated for the All-American team. According to the squad’s coach, Melissa Baggenstoss  ”Being nominated is quite an honor, but doubly our honor was that she was the first one nominated and she was held up as the example for everyone else there”. There are six categories that you can be nominated for:  stunt performance, motion techniques, dance ability, tumbling excellence, jump execution and leadership skills. Alayna was nominated for her leadership skills, her stunt performance and her motion technique. She was one of two who were nominated for multiple reasons.   All nominated individuals have the option to try out for the All-American team. Tryouts were held on Saturday evening. Tryouts opened with  three advanced jumps that are connected, spirit tumbling entrance and the camp cheer with no changes to the original motions. All-American team tryouts are very strict with a possible 30 points; in the cutoff being 23 points or above. In each category you are ranked 0- 5.  By the end of the three day evaluation and competition, ACGC came away with 3 nominees and one All American.
All-American nominee– Kameron Kemmerling

All-American nominee— Andi Hither 
All-American nominee — Kara Nonweiler 
All-American Team  —Alayna Baggenstoss 
A national bid is is an invitation  to compete at the  NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championship — you are assessed over the course of the entire weekend with your final evaluation being on Sunday.  One of the qualifications to receive a national bid is to receive Superior ratings in performance.  The Cheerleaders nailed it and receives superior superior which is the best rating you can receive. Some of the other qualifications are  jumps, stunt, basket toss and  how they involve the crowd. For a bid qualification there is 20  points possible, in an order to receive a bid a squad can only miss one point in other words they must receive a 19 or above.  ACGC scored the necessary points to be invited to the National Cheerleaders Association Closed Competition.   You must have earned a Bid to go. And that is exactly what they did! in the past we have had squads that have attended NCA Open Competitions, which is open to any squad that wants to attend.
The  Herkie Team Award which the team won is an award that is named after LR Herkimer which started the National Cheerleaders Association.   This is an award that is given  out at NCA camp sessions; only one award is presented during a camp and sometimes they don’t even present this award. The girls were honored to receive the Herkimer  team award.  This is awarded to the one team that shows true team spirit unity and leadership throughout the weekend, individuals on the teams that win this award will have the opportunity to travel to one of the NCA special events.
A couple of the staff members that host and assessed the Cheerleaders wrote the
following note to the ACGC Squad:
Without adversity we wouldn’t know Bravery, adversity tool that we must learn to utilize. This is your teams first camp. Your team is smaller than the others AND…you are a newer team. YET, ACGC came here , your team stood up to the adversity,  snapped your fingers and said” Move Over Please, I got a show to start ” and you Rocked it, I felt that every second I saw Y’all I was beaming with pride,and we just met.  I can honestly  say you are in my top two favorite teams . Please keep up the hard work and stomping way to success.  Thanks for making my weekend so great I hope you enjoyed it as much did.”
 ”Congratulations to your team for exemplifying the qualities on which in NCA was founded and continues to teach today. Leadership, values, teamwork, and sportsmanship are an integral  part of cheerleading, and the National Cheerleaders Association congratulates your team for carrying on these very important attributes.”

The ACGC girls also received a stunt safe award–  for their excellent skills in spotting and sound technique and for their outstanding commitment to keep stunting safety their number one priority

They received 2 Spirit Sticks for sincere spirit and enthusiasm for the day/week and taking into the account the attitude during classes promptness, cooperation, consideration relationships with other teams leadership etc.

Lastly they received 2 Leadership Pin Awards –  one went to Captain Alayna Baggenstoss and the second to Co-Captain Kameron Kemmerling .   Only  8 Leadership pins were given out , ACGC was the only team that received 2. 
Our  team members are Capt. Alayna Baggenstoss, CO- Capt. Kameron Kemmerling, Rose Snavely, Kayla Shriver, Andy Hinther, Karen Nonweiler 
ACGC Cheerleaders enter this competition as the smallest from the smallest school.  Way to go girls!!!  Make sure to check out the West Central Tribune tomorrow for the article that they are doing on our cheerleaders.

Memories – Reflections of School

A collection of reflections from the spring semester Creating an Image Class

“I am planning on doing PSEO next year. There will be several things I am going
to miss. I will miss seeing my friends, eating lunch with them, missing out on funny
conversations, and not participating in some activities. Also, I will miss a few
teachers I have had. I will only probably be coming back for the last few hours of
the day. It is less likely that I will have any classes with my close friends, which is
very depressing. To conclude, I will miss seeing my friends, a few teachers, and will
remember all the fun times I have had with peers throughout school.” – Bobbi Jo Haag


“From Cosmos to Atwater to the high school in Grove City, I’ve attended all three schools throughout my schooling. I’ve always hated going to school,  it’s not something that I enjoy but it’s something I have to go through. All my years of elementary, I’ve always been ready to get out of school but now that I’m about to graduate I don’t feel ready to figure out what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life. In school I just did the minimum to pass so I could play sports and that’s the main reason why I kept up on my grades. Now that I’m almost done with high school I’ve been researching for probably about 8 months on the best career for me.  I have decided to go be a Electrician at Ridgewater College, because it’s good money and there’s never a Electrician that is unemployed because there in such high demand for their services. I know it’s not gonna be easy either and for once in my life I’m going try my hardest in school because this means everything to me.” – David Kinzler


I will hopefully remember many things of my school life, more importantly my senior year.  I know I will remember my friends and the nerd table.  I will remember the group we would all form before school, and just talk about whatever someone brings up.  The nerd table, is something that was always nice we had our group of friends that sat there, we would talk about video games and school, what teachers frustrates us.  I will always remember when Peyton Kaiser talks at the nerd table.  I will remember the nerd parties we’ve had, staying up all night playing games and calling one person EVERY single time at 3:00 am.  I will remember us going to the movies and enjoying ourselves, watching amazing spider man, Captain America, and finally GODZILLA.   I know No one will ever forget what happened to the senior class this year, I know I wont.  Minus the one Terrible Terrible thing, Overall it was a pretty good year.  Jack Walther

There are many different things I will miss about ACGC. One of them will be sports. I had so much fun playing sports and with all the people I played with. I also had fun making friends here. The only reason I actually came was because of sports. When I come back to school next year, I want to work a lot harder with my studies so when it’s time to go to college, I can get scholarships.  - Hannah Wilner

Try-outs for “Peter Pan and Wendy” Coming Soon!!!!

Don’t forget  that August 4th, 5th, and 6th are the dates for the Peter Pan try outs,this year’s exciting show. There are numerous parts of all sizes. We will have try outs from 10 AM till noon on August 4th and from 1:00 PM till 300 PM on August 5th and 6th. If you can not make it to one of these try outs please email halvorsonc@acgcfalcons.org.

Try Outs for “PETER PAN and Wendy”

August 4th, 5th, and 6th are the dates for the Peter Pan try outs,this year’s exciting show. There are numerous parts of all sizes. We will have try outs from 10 AM till noon on August 4th and from 1:00 PM till 300 PM on August 5th and 6th. If you can not make it to one of these try outs please email halvorsonc@acgcfalcons.org.


PLEASE NOTE TIMES!!  There was a slight change.

April Students of the Month

Left to right
Front row:  Josh Kinzler, Shelby Shoen, Hannah Morrison, Preston Garfin
2nd row:  Mykaela Lang, Nathan Essendrup, Sydni Hoffmann, Gabby Lawver
3rd row:  Morgan Ereickson, Samantha Tait, Stacey Larson
Top row:  Kaite Moore, Mickena Inselmann, Alex Pankratz

Art Students Receive Superior and Excellent Awards!

On April 30, 2014 seven artists represented ACGC and competed in the MSHSL Visual Arts Competition at New London-Spicer High School.  Congratulations to Samantha Tait, Allison Smith, and Aleona Lund on receiving “Superior Awards” for their entries and congratulations to Jordyn Bernstein, Karlie Fischer, Aaron Curry, and Bailey Klinghagen on recieving “Excellent Awards” for their pieces.  They did a fantastic job!  While their pieces were being judged we toured several artist studios around New London.  It was a fun and artsy day!  Visit the ACGC Art Department website to see pictures:

Ben Bussey from MacPhail Center for Music

On Friday April 25th,  Ben Bussey from MacPhail Center for Music was at ACGC as a Guest Conductor for Band 5th and 7th hour.  He also worked with the Brass sections in a special Brass clinic. The band students really enjoyed learning his musical techniques and look forward to more visited from guest conductors.

Mr Bussey working with the Junior High Band.Working with the Bass section of the Junior and Senior Hig Bands

Senior High Band

ACGC FFA Banquet

–Please join us for the ACGC FFA Banquet on May 4, 2014 at 7pm ACGC Commons or Courtyard please bring lawn chair (weather pending). The meal will be casual and potluck provided by FFA members. 7th grade chips, 8th grade desserts, 9th grade salads, 10th grade 2 Ltr Pop, 11th grade Milk, 12th grade ketchup, mustard, pickles.

A Reminder for ACGC’s Purple Bag Project

There is only a few days left to help with the Purple Bag Project.  Get your donations in!
The 4th and 5th Graders are asking all of the ACGC Families to help them fill as many bags as they can to give to local people receiving chemo or other cancer treatment. Chemo Care Package Shopping list is as follows: bottled water, energy bar, lap blanket, scarf, hand sanitizer, sports drink / juice, hard candy, dried fruit / applesauce, chapstick, chocolate, hand drawn picture snacks, activity books / magazines, tea, lotion, notes of encouragement or $ for bags. All items can be brought to Mr. Schumacher’s 5th
grade classroom by Wednesday, April 30.