A Tired Parking Lot – Craig Tjaden

On Friday September 5th when school was done people went straight to their cars.  4 of my buddies and me were by my truck. All of a sudden I realized that there were a lot of people who drive and have friends in their cars. It made me wonder, why everyone was just standing around and not leaving.  As I looked around I realized that our school’s parking lot is tired and worn.  I think the parking lots needs a little TLC.

Art Through the Ages – Samantha Tait

Art Through the Ages has it’s first art project! Our art teacher, Ms.Tanttila, has assigned her class to make a portrait using paint, and then decorate it with the fake flowers she has readily supplied. We need to try our best to blend the paint, make semi-realistic features, and add 3-D accessories to meet our learning goals. The art room is starting the year off strong.

First Week Down – Mackenzie Andrews

Students can finally check the first week of school off of their to-do lists!  It was a busy week for some of the student athletes, with volleyball games, JV football games, and practices, but they managed to tackle their busy schedule. Getting back into routine was no easy task but it seems everyone has it down including the staff.

The New Year! by Hannah Dilley

The first day of school is always a rush!  Especially if you are the new kid. You don’t know where to go or who to sit by at lunch. You also have the choice to make some new friends.Some questions that a new student needs to ask themselves are:  ”Who can I trust?  Who do I know that will tell me the truth even if you don’t like it?

ACGC Art Show – Jayme Koopmeiners


During the  homecoming night, ACGC will be having an art show where all of the students will have a piece they have created in the show. The Art students are working really hard  to show what they can do!  This is the same night that  Atwater Ford will be letting family and friends  test drive the new Ford vehicles! It’s free to come and see the show and to drive a new Ford!  ACGC High School pairs up with Atwater Ford for a fund raiser called Drive 4 UR School.  This year the money will go to Technology.

Improvements at the Elementary School – Kolt Soine

This summer the ACGC Elementary School hired Oak Ridge Construction from New London to do some excavation work. They poured new sidewalks around the school.   The sidewalks will be better for the kids to get on and off the buses because They will not be tracking mud on the bus or in the school. It is one of the several wonderful improvements made outside of the Elementary school this year.

Changes in the FFA Room by Madison Whitcomb

From the beginning of last fall the ACGC FFA chapter has
been planning on changing things up in the FFA room. For
What used to be walls full of posters will now be walls full
of art. Now when students walk in the room they will be
greeted with the FFA Emblem and handprints of the
former and new members of the chapter and a motto
surrounding the room saying learning to do, doing to learn,
earning to live and living to serve this is the FFA motto.
” we are having fun sharing stories, talking about how we can’t wait for fair time, and rocking out to awesome country playlists”. Says Morgan
Paulson. The painting should be done before July and ready
to be shown off in the new school year. ” it’s stuff like this that brings us closer as friends and members of the ACGC FFA chapter, and this was a really
cool project to work on together and now not just members but new generations of our school will know that we were here and will always remember being a part of the ACGC FFA chapter” – Morgan Erickson

Rainstorm Causes Problems – Craig Tjaden

Wednesday  was  raining all morning,then about 11-11:30 it
stopped. But it was getting really muggy and warm at ACGC High
School. Plus it didn’t help that the power in Hutchinson went out which  led to
the school’s internet to go out.  So most of the class had to change what they were doing.