Some of the Great People that Work at ACGC

Jamie Tanner goes beyond her normal duties. Jamie is a para who gives all her effort and more to the junior class, ACT Supervision, coaching and being a positive influence on all of her students!

Sandy Benson – completed the gigantic MCCC project on behalf of ACGC to the MDE! She helped us be one of the first top 40 schools in the state to get that assignment done.

Josh  Wallestad – Has done a lot this year to help teach his students to “see” math… last fall was the basketball/video activity and now the square inch/ foot/ yard visual. Now that is clever teaching.

Craig Dischinger and Jenna Tanttila did a fantastic job building and painting models of three-dimensional measurements for Josh Wallestad’s classroom (cubic yard, cubic foot, cubic inch) to help students visualize these ideas. Craig directed his students to build them accurately and Jenna did an out-of-this world job painting each box!

Pam Peterson from the kitchen, takes the time to make sure the students leaving early for sport games, receive their after school snacks before they go.

Tami Tagtow has spent numerous evening and weekend hours making a home for countless books while creating a “warm” library environment