A Member of the FFA Team Attends a Worthwhile Experience – Sarah Cunningham

 Kayla Kutzke, a junior at ACGC was part of the St. Paul  Minnesota FFA Agricultural Policy Experience this January. This was where students were expected to go beyond their agricultural knowledge and strive to be a leader in their school and the surrounding community. Kayla also  also had the chance to hear from leaders in the agricultural field. These people included Commissioner of Agriculture Dave Frederickson, Minnesota House members, and Senate members.

For more information see West Central Tribune for January 27, 20015; Section A7

Wrestling Conference – Derek Dengerud

January 28, 2015

The Wrestling team had their Conference tournament this past weekend. It was an individual wrestling tournament, which means you wrestle for the team but at the same time you wrestle for yourself. The ACGC team took 2nd, but since we beat all of the teams in the conference in dual meets we won our conference!

Dance Team WCC Conference Meet – Tori Hayunga

Dance Team WCC Conference Meet

The dance team had their conference meet on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015. There were a total of four jazz teams and six high kick teams. All of the teams are scored on different areas of their routine. Each judge scores each team on a scale of 1 to 10. The judges then place all of the teams in order of what they believe they placed. Once the ranking scores are all figured out the dancers then line up in alphabetical order on the gym floor.
Awards are then given out to the conference champs. The 2015 Conference Champions in Jazz was BOLD. The Jazz runner-up  was YME. In the High Kick division YME was the 2015 Conference Champions. The runner-up in High Kick was Montevideo.

Look What I did on My IPad – Aleona Lund

 Last year I had a great opportunity to go to the Visual Art Festiva from our school at ACGC.   I drew a peacock on the iPad and trust me it took over a month! But finally I got it done and placed in the superior level.

So here’s about the art I created.

The intent of my art was to create piece of art that displays the beauty of the peacock. Peacocks have a great deal of detail, and I wanted to capture the feathers and their colors.  This piece uses color and value to create the intricate feather patterns of the bird.
I made the decision to include the tractor tire because it would show contrast between nature and machine.
The process I went through to create this piece was to use my iPad as my paper, and my fingers as my pen. First I roughly sketch the lines and then filled in the colors and shades. I repeatedly zoom the image in to add finer details, and then zoom it out to see if I like the effects.
While working on this piece, I discovered that my shading skills are improving.  I also realized that a piece with this much detail can take several weeks to complete.

First Day of the New Semester is Boring – Kaleigh Gilberts

January 27, 2015

Today was boring I have all new classes and none of the teachers assigned any homework. I have some of my friends in some of my classes but not all of them and it gets boring without them. It is stressful because I don’t have an ipad and some of my classes need  technology to do the work and I can’t do the work unless they print off the work for me. I have some classes that I know are going to be hard and some I know will be easy but I just need to keep my head up and think positive.

Senior s’ Awesome Field Trip

The ACGC Senior Class Field trip started on a cold Wednesday, November 19th.  They were headed for Minneapolis to explore downtown Minneapolis, Macy’s and the Guthrie Theatre.  It was a great day with many wonderful, new sights and experiences.  Here are some of their comments and photos.

The best part of my day was being able to explore a new part of life and of the city. I met some new people who were very friendly, ate beautiful food and  I was well entertained by the play at the Guthrie. The performers in the play did a wonderful job and I enjoyed all of the detailed features, background music, the lighting and all the work involved was definitely appreciated. The best senior field trip ever!  – Cassie Augustin

Lunch at Macy’s

Shania and Duane

Senior Dining – 12th floor of Macy’s

One of the great meal choices!


A dessert in the clouds


Got our Guthrie tickets

A view from the Endless Bridge

Selfie on the long escalator

Selfie at the Amber Box

A view from the Amber Box above the Endless Bridge

Group Selfie in the Guthrie Elevator