Senior s’ Awesome Field Trip

The ACGC Senior Class Field trip started on a cold Wednesday, November 19th.  They were headed for Minneapolis to explore downtown Minneapolis, Macy’s and the Guthrie Theatre.  It was a great day with many wonderful, new sights and experiences.  Here are some of their comments and photos.

The best part of my day was being able to explore a new part of life and of the city. I met some new people who were very friendly, ate beautiful food and  I was well entertained by the play at the Guthrie. The performers in the play did a wonderful job and I enjoyed all of the detailed features, background music, the lighting and all the work involved was definitely appreciated. The best senior field trip ever!  - Cassie Augustin

Lunch at Macy’s

Shania and Duane

Senior Dining – 12th floor of Macy’s

One of the great meal choices!


A dessert in the clouds


Got our Guthrie tickets

A view from the Endless Bridge

Selfie on the long escalator

Selfie at the Amber Box

A view from the Amber Box above the Endless Bridge

Group Selfie in the Guthrie Elevator